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‘Digging Your Scene’

A little film try out some documentary editing and sound ideas.

Sandwiched between the river Trent and the urban sprawl that stretches from Derby to Nottingham, Attenborough Nature Reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Rangers manage flooded gravel pits that provide valuable habitat for plants, birds and other wildlife but the reserve is also popular with a diverse collection of human visitors each with their own agenda for taking a specific route and occupying their own space there. This mini experimental documentary is an exploratory poetic observation of people’s need to connect to nature in an increasingly built up world.

 ‘A Balmy Bowls Day’

Another exploratory film made with a basic video camera with a view to developing ideas.

While watching some relatives playing bowls I noticed that there were lots of repeated gestures and rituals specific to the game. I also observed that there was a lot of backward and forward movement that reminded me of the tango lessons that I had been to. Hence, I decided to utilise the movement I observed to make a dance film set to tango music.