Hello there!

I am a Contemporary Arts graduate and make art that crosses boundaries between sonic art, visual art, dance and performance: I have created installation, film and performance that has been presented in galleries, theatres, public spaces and art centres.

My life situation is often reflected in the themes of my artwork in relation to wider political, social and economic events. This has included explorations of identity with reference to work and labour, freedom and restriction. I am particularly interested in art of the everyday and like to expose predominant aesthetic and/or economic values incorporated in TV, news, politics, film and entertainment. My aim is to create art that is both accessible and challenging to people with or without any art training or background; I seek out and am influenced by mainstream and experimental music, dance/ performance, film, TV and visual artwork. Often I use academic texts from science, sociology and psychology to conceptually inform my practice although it is not often apparent in the content.

I have recently finished two projects supported by the Arts Council and Dance4: performance/film installation ‘Kitchen Confidential’ and performance ‘Lost in Labour’.